Park Rules


HELLO Campers

We Do not have a lot of rules. We ask that you are courteous to your fellow campers and to the campground.

We try to know who is in the park at all times. If you see someone that you think does not belong here, please report it to the office.

The lot rented to you is only for you as the registered guest. If you have extra people they will need to come to the office to register. If they are visiting for the day they will need to come to the office to let us know that they have arrive and the site that they will be visiting. Please tell them this before they arrive. They are not to go to your site before they have stopped at the office. All visitors must leave the park before 10:00 pm Sunday – Thursday, before 12:00 pm Friday & Saturday. Do not ask people that are not registered guests from the bar to your camp site after the bar has closed.

Part of the reason people camp with us is the grassy areas. Please do not park any kind of vehicle on the grass. If you need additional parking please ask us. Please if it is muddy do not allow your children to ride through the grass on their bikes.

We have fire pits at each site. Do not burn anything in your fire pit except WOOD!! DO NOT put grease, cans, bottles, charcoal or food in your fire pit. Charcoal and grease please allow to cool and dump in the trash can.

We provide a trash can at your site. We pick up the garbage. If it get full please let us know and we will dump it. Please do not let it get so full that we can not lift the bag out of the can.

We recycle. There is a bucket for your recycling. If you need more the one please let is know. We recycle cans, bottles, plastic, aluminum, card board and newspaper.

We have a very safe park. Your children are your responsibility. All children under 18 must be at their campsite by 10:00 pm during the week and 11:00 pm on the weekend. They are to be supervised at the bathhouse. If they bring bikes please ensure they have a helmet. Please make sure that they know not to ride near the entrance of the park and are careful around the parking area at the store/bar. No bike riding after dark. Children are allowed in the creek as long as they are not destructive to the creek or vegetation around the creek. Do not allow your children to build damns in the creek.

There is no fishing in our creek!

Pets must be leashed at all times. Pets are not allowed in playground area. Pets are not to be left at campsites unattended. Owners must properly dispose of pets waste.

Safety is your responsibility.

The park and the owners are not responsible for injury or personal property damage.

Non- compliance with park rules will result in removal from the park with no refund.

There is no refunds due to weather.

Thank you for helping us keep our park clean, safe and enjoyable for all.

Melissa & Rita


Sugar Mill Creek RV Resort ~ 706.947.0162 ~ email

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